The Crypto Life- Why Crypto is The Future?

Are you ready for the crypto life?  Crypto currency is a youngster and started back in 2011.  However, crypto’s impact significantly changing our lives:

  1. Block Chain Automation Growing Exponentially, but Killing Your Job Prospects!
  2. Crypto Jobs Exploding!
  3. Crypto Used in Everyday Life.
  4. Why Crypto is The Future ? Crypto is Freedom!

Block Chain Automation- Killing Jobs, But Increasing Productivity- Crypto Life

The introduction of the farm tractor, started during the 1930s; while replacing 30-40 workers at a time.  Just like the farm tracker, block chain automation is improving productivity; while, reducing “demand for jobs.

Within financial transactions, trust and third party institutions facilitate the transfer of assets.  However,  block chains’ ledger automates by reducing required verification and guaranteeing the transaction into a type of public record ledger.  As a consequence, related jobs like notaries, accountants, and title companies are reducing jobs.

“You Better Start Looking for a New Job!”

Crypto Jobs Exploding! Crypto Life

There are over 1500+ crypto currencies in 2018. The amount of crypto wallet owners have jumped from 1.0 million to over 6.0 million and growing!

From 2016 to 2017 reported 200% plus increase in block chain positions!  While 15% of the positions are remote.

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Crypto Used as Currency in Every Day Life?

Most cryptos dropped in value since their January 2018 high. However, the Venezuelan Bolivar has lost 98 percent of its value during 2018.  For most Venezuelans crypto is a store of value. Venezuelans of all social classes convert local fiat currency for preservation of wealth.

Venezuelans are using crypto as a form of banking and making payments. Currently, Venezuela is a test for crypto in every day life.  It’s one of the few places in the world, where crypto is a strong store of value against inflation. For most Venezuelans, crypto is not a speculation, but a form of survival!

For most Venezuelans, they barely afford buy food or medicine. The typical minimum monthly wage barely buys a kilo of meat per month.

Crypto Mining in Venezuela

Venezuelan electricity suffers from constant interruptions; however, it’s basically free. Almost free electricity, makes mining extremely profitable. Some Venezuelans acquire crytpo via mining and later sell for goods.

Is Crypto Replacing The Bolivar for Day to Day Purchases?

For most Venezuelans, in order to get crypto, you have to use LocalBitcoin.  You connect on LocalBitcoin with a local person and arrange the price.  Then you meet somewhere and trade fiat currency for a digital transaction.

Other Venezuelans that work remotely as programmers or graphic designers  accept crypto.  In many cases, crypto is used for a doctors visit, food, or buying auto parts. Most of these transactions are done with smartphones by indivduals.

Not all Bolivian stores take crypto. However, Dash has a strong presence in Venezuela.  You can use Dash for many restaurants and retail locations!

Other Venezuelans use pay services like Payza, Nettweller, Uphold,  or Paypal in transactions of crypto.

Specific Cryptos are making Efforts to Establish themselves in Venezuela

Besides Bitcoin, Dash has made significant inwards into Venezuela. Dash’s ability to securely and instantly send transactions anywhere in the world, resulted in adoption in Venezuela.

Many say Caracas is the crypto capital of world due to Dash’s presence. Dash’s adoption push resulted in many merchants accepting crypto.  Within Caracas there are seminars and billboards promoting the use of Dash.

All Dash Venezuela employees are paid in Dash!  Dash Venezuela provides many crypto seminars and services.  It provides seminars to citizens, assists in uploading the app and receive a few dollars in Dash.  Dash Venezuela helps to feed people.

Why Crypto is The Future? Crypto is Freedom!

Currently, Crypto is a measure of exchange or digital money.  Crypto exists as a tremendous technology with many applications.

The following is list of the uses of crypto and why crypto is the future:

  • Cryto is technology.  New technology always disrupts the status quo and Crypto is no different.   Existing technology is replaced with faster and more productive innovations. At it’s minimum, Crypto block chain technology is an open-source decentralized ledger that records every transaction in a block, which is linked to other blocks.
  • The Block Chain is internet 2.0.  The Crypto block chain prevails as the “next internet.”
  • Crypto Block Chain acts as open-source software. Open source means one of two things: The software is available publicly or it is not subject to royalty-bearing patent claims.
  • In general, Cryptos mostly decentralized database, secured via cryptography, timestamped, and traceable.  However, not all crypto’s share these characteristics.
  • Crypto prevails as peer-to-peer value communication.  P2P exchanges allow participants to trade directly with each other, without a market or without any third party to process trades.

  • Crypto acts as a payment layer for the internet, value transfer system, speculation platform, digital asset, digital commodity, digital cash.
  • In Crypto we Trust…Crypto is freedom!