Top 7 Crypto YouTube Influencers


Top 7 Crypto YouTube Influencers:  A crypto investor or HODLer needs to stay on top of the latest news in crypto. One of the simplest strategies to stay up to date in the crypto community is to follow the top crypto influencers on YouTube.

The following YouTube creators provide awesome videos to entertain, but to really educate us as investors.  Many times these creators, allows us to see within our selves.  There are many fantastic crypto video creators, but we only selected seven.  Many excellent crypto YouTubers were left out (sorry, and expect to get some bad comments). The following Crypto YouTuber Influences are not in any particular order:

JSNIP4 Epic interview with Crypto remote viewer Dick Allgire

Channel at Realist News Jsnip4 Crypto for the Average Guy

JSNIP4- Since 2009, disclaims he is not a financial expert.  However, his YouTube channel discusses finance, conspiracy, and crypto currency.  On his channel, he documented his successful crypto investments; while purchasing a house and Florida.  JSNIP4 show is told by a real guy.  Currently, he presented crypto psychic like Michelle White Dove. An epic interview was with remote viewer Dick Allgire.  JSNIP4 also does the Three Amigos with Wix Bier and the legendary Cliff High of HalfPastHuman.  JSNIP4  presents great interviews; while, being entertaining!

Channel Boxmining: Mr. Gu speaks with the Legendary Whifield Diffie Father of Cryptography

Michael Gu Founder of Boxmining / Blockchain Expert Started in 2017

From his office in Hong Kong, Michael Gu, takes on complicated blockchain issues; while, breaks them down into easy to under stand concepts. Michael is an outstanding crypto researcher.  He is a trusted authority in Asia and recommend his blog. When NEO came out, Michael translated from Mandarin; while breaking down the project and making easier to understand its parts.

Akon & Ai Weiwei Explore Crypto & Bitcoin Mining Politics – BTC & Cryptocurrency News

Crypto Lark Founder of Crypto Lark Started in 2009

The Crypto Lark is one of the most entertaining crypto influencers on YouTube, but at the same time imormative. Cyrpto Lark constantly releases interesting interviews; while providing crypto news updates almost every single day.

Not only are his videos entertaining, but highly informative.  He is a really fun personality on crypto!

Cryptocurrency- An Introduction (How To Invest, HODL, Basics, Tips, Resources, & Much More!)

CryptO was founded by Omar Bham and  Started in 2011.

The channel CryptO is runned by Oamar Bham and provides excellent crypto updates.  CryptO is a very popular fun channel for crypto-related content.  Like many other crypto influencers, CryptO is very educational.

‘Big Money’ is Coming To Bitcoin 🚀💰| Roger Ver Vlog 1

Roger Ver (Bitcoin Jesus) a Legend and Longterm Advocate of Bitcoin

Also known as the bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver was an early investor in bitcoin and bitcoin startups.  Roger Ver has an interesting past, and is an insider with many fintech startups under his belt. His channel provides great insight and updated information.

How To Build A Crypto Portfolio With Only $500!

Nicholas Merten started DataDash in 2017 and it consists of over 300K Subscriptions. 

Not only does DataDash research Dash, but it investigates  all other types of big projects.  DataDash has a broad selection of crypto video related to crypto currencies, data analytics, and crypto trends. In adddition, DataDash consists of interviews with crypto community leaders, market analysis, and crypto livestreams!

Verge And PornHub MAKE HISTORY!

Doug Polk started DataDash in 2016 and it consists of over 201K Subscriptions. 

The channel covers Cryptocurrency news and entertainment.  The Doug Polk crypto shares news about different types of cryptos.

The most popular video is “Idiots Making Cryptocurrency Vids — ITS TIME TO STOP”  with over 500,000 views. Doug sited an example of the channel, JR Businesses, that discussed hot trends; while confusing some facts!

Doug is straight forward and points out the suspicious crypto channels.  He also identifies possible individuals who are likely to take advantage of those who lack crypto knowledge. Doug always puts out interesting crypto videos.

About the Top 7 Crypto Youtube Influencers

In setting up this post for the Top 7 Crypto Youtube Influencers, it’s short, and there many Crypto Youtubers, that have been left out. Sorry, if I offended anyone, by leaving so many off this post.

There are many worth mentions, and here are some listed below:

Ian Balina Crypto YouTuber Influencer- an entertaining Crypto researcher and and analyst.

Ameer Rosic– Serial entrepreneur and Crypto Youtuber Influencer.

Suppoman– Crypto superhero Crypto Youtuber Influencer.

Cryptoinvestor-Fundamental Analysis and Crypto Youtuber Influencer.

Crypto Daily a Crypto Youtuber Influencer- Get the latest crypto news.

David Hay Crypto Youtuber Influencer- Overtral great guy; while helping to alleviate the pain and stress of the world.

Again, there are so many more smart and interesting Crypto Youtuber Influencers.

Top 7 Crypto Youtube Influencers- By Fernando Barrera

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