Tips for Getting a Crypto Job


Tips for Getting a Crypto Job: Even though Crypto had a financial setback in January of 2018, crypto and the use of the block chain is still growing. Investment continues to pour into cyrpto and crypto startups.  Tedcrunch reports “2018 VC investment into crypto startups set to surpass 2017 tally, ” read more.

Because of the high growth in crypto startups, crypto engineers and non tech people are needed. estimates more than 15% of the crypto jobs are remote, but will rise.   Crypto jobs consists of technical and non-technical. 70% tend to be technical jobs; while 30% tend to be none technical jobs.

Tips for Getting a Crypto Job- Technical

Technical Crypto jobs:  Most the crypto technical jobs consists of both full-stack and front-end developers.  A significant amount of technical crypto jobs are blockchain engineers.

The majority of the crypto jobs are technical jobs and require working knowledge of computer languages such as Java, Java Script, Python, Ruby, etc.   In addition, solid understanding of smart contract scripting, cryptography, and crypto-economics.

Sure the the majority of these jobs are technical as in crypto engineers.  However, many of these companies and projects require non technical people. Because of the growth in crypto, there is a shortage of talent!

Tips for Getting a Crypto Job: Non-Technical

Non-Technical Crypto jobs are in social media, writing content, and business operations.

Crypto Social Media Manager

A crypto social media manager requires previous experience in managing social media and channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.  In addition, they have be able to pick up technology quickly; while moderating the communities with a good tone of voice.  Many times these types of positions requires SEO expertise.

Crypto Content Writer

The Crypto Content Writer is responsible for creating compelling blog posts and social media content, that lead for an audience appeal; while, boosting brand awareness. The crypto content writer’s goal is to  expand the digital footprint of the crypto client; while, driving more value through online content.

A content writer requires a high level of creativity and the ability to use data-driven insights to write optimized content.  While, designing both content strategy and developing compelling stories that apply to fast-changing industry trends. 

Manager of Crypto Operations

Most Managers of Crypto Operations are professionals that can run a business; while growing a tech company. A manager of operations wears multiple hats and develop a small group of individuals into a mature organization.

A manager of operations executes organizational structures, works with the legal team, organizes employee structures, tax strategies, contracts, and other day to day operations.

Crypto Recruiter

The Crypto  Recruiter needs knowledge or passion for crypto or blockchain space.

Most crypto recruiters uses HR analytics to assess time and to fill open positions, where the best team members come from, and employment retention.  They develop strategies to  initiate and maintain effective programs; while engaging employees and develop their skills.

Crypto Research Analyst

A Crypto Research Analyst develops analysis reports for investment, trading, and marketing digital assets to institutional clients.  A crypto research anayst does not need to be an engineers, but needs to have an in depth  knowledge of Crypto currencies and blockchain technologies.

Crypto SEO Expert

SEO otherwise known as search engine optimization is a skill on to its own.  However, in a crypto startup business  a Crypto SEO Expert is expected to manage search engine optimization and many times marketing activities. In addition, developing and executing SEO strategies; while, analyzing campaign success using data and analytics, and recognizing growth opportunities.

There are other crypto positions such as meme Specialist and compliance officers.

Most of these positions consists of overlapping crypto skills.  Its hard to distinguish, when one skill ends, and the other starts.

Most of us don’t have crypto experience, because crypto is so young.  Nevertheless, we provide the following tips for getting a crypto job:

Three Tips for Getting a Crypto Job by Fernando Barrera

3 Tips for Getting a Crypto Job- Non-Technical Job

Again, because crypto jobs are so new, job recruiters are unsure on what to look for.  As a consequence, the entry can be low, but it’s no easy task to win over a recruiter. You still need skills, passion and persistent at the job interview.

The Following are Three Tips for Getting a Crypto Job:


1) Ability to Learn Fast.  Most if not all, crypto recruiters are searching for fast learning individuals.  Crypto is a fast changing industry, and the crypto professional needs to be able to change and learn quickly.  During the interview process show or demonstrate you can learn fast.  Give examples, on an occasion at a prior job you learned quickly.

2) Demonstrate a Passion for Crypto.  You need to show more than a simple interest in crypto.  You need to demonstrate a genuine “Passion for the Crypto.”  In order to demonstrate  passion for crypto, you can upload crypto posts, start a blog, website, or YouTube channel.

3) General Understanding of Blockchain Technology.  Blockchain consists of a significant amount of information and there is no way of becoming a block chain engineer overnight.  However, as a non-technical crypto job candidate you are expected to have a general understanding of blockchain.  At least know the following basics and build on it before your interview:

  • Blockchain is a global on line database and a decentralized ledger.
  • Because, most blockchains don’t belong to anyone. Blockchain information is stored on millions of personal computers. Bundles of records are stored and called blocks.
  • Blocks are timestamped and linked to previous blocks forming chronological chains.
  • You can view it and add to the blockchain; however, you can change the the information, that is already there.
  • Blockchain uses a form of math called cryptography that prevents alterations or counterfeiting.
  • So Bitcoin is an application of the blockchain.
  • There are no intermediary.  Instead, participants earn a small fee, by validating other participants transactions and preventing duplications.

You can reduce the above explanation into a shorter explanation.  However, the point is to dazzle the human resources recruiter.  Most HR recruiters may not know anything about crypto, and your basic knowledge of blockchain is sufficient.


Where to Find a Crypto Job- Tips for Getting a Crypto Job

We covered how you need to present yourself to a crypto employer.  Now, how do you actually seek out a crypto job lead.

Angel List: A general job site with a strong a cryptocurrency section, Angel List contains filters so you can search for a role that suits your skills, schedule, and location. “Find your Next Job in the Block Industry.”  It goes on to say,Crypto Jobs List is your #1 board to find and post blockchain jobs.  Blockchain engineers, Solidity devs, crypto experts — this is for you 😉.”  consists of of several crypto opportunities throughout the world. consists of over 1200 crypto jobs in many segments. is a Canadian job search site with crypto jobs. not only does it have remote jobs, but includes crypto jobs.  However, most of the jobs are heavy on tech. is an older job search site, but still has many crypto job offerings. the Face book of for professionals shows many crypto opportunities.

Crypto Freelancing Sites- Tips for Getting a Crypto Job

There are several crypto freelance sites.  Rating the Crypto feelancing space is for a  separate post, as there are many issues.  How large and complicated is the job? is it good or shit pay! Nevertheless, here is a list of crypto freelance sites:

Blocklancer allows you to earn or pay freelancers with Ethereum.  It claims no bank account required.  It’s a market place filled with gigs.

Ethlance runs on the Ethereum public blockchain, therefore you’ll need the MetaMask browser extension.   There are few gigs available.

Upwork is aleader in gigs online. Several crypto gigs are available.

By Fernando Barrera August 28th, 2018