Make Your Crypto Marketing Campaign Stand Out!

Easily make your Crypto Marketing Campaign Stand Out! Videos and  infographics expand users duration on your page; however,  adding real value to the user’s experience  is what counts.  Just saying “our crypto currency will disrupt the world and society” is not enough.  Tooting your own horn, is great; while, providing value to the reader.

However, value-added content needs to be original or exclusive to your audience, plus that they can not get anywhere else.

Added value content includes video, case studies, research studies, white papers, promotional offers, tutorials, and blog posts.  However, its the way that its presented, that engages the user to stay and come back.

Value Added Content with On-Page SEO for Your Crypto Campaign to Stand Out!

For years, HubSpot creates e-books for lead generation throughout their blogs. Anytime you read HubSpot blog, you are prompted to download an e-book. This entices users to stay longer on the page and probably want more.

On-page SEO is an ever changing subject matter with a lot of information for content marketers.  Many times, learning on-page SEO information, is like drinking out of a fire-hydrant. It’s just too much to absorb. Backlinko‘s communicates the best practices of on-page SEO, using infographics and email responder with quick and easy-to-follow format.  Banklinko asks for your email (lead magnet), and in turn provides you with regular updated information on on-page SEO.

The higher the value for the content, the longer duration for the reader and lower bounce rates.   In turn, it’s possible Google will provide a higher ranking for your pages.

Social Media for Your Crypto Campaign to Stand Out!

In the past, everyone would plaster posts on Face Book, it’s vital to understand what problem(s) does your crypto project solve? What is the business model? What is the brand? How do we communicate through social media?

Just a few years ago web developers, added a bunch of social media buttons on a site.  However, as a user going to a blank social media page is really frustrating.

You have to engage with the audience.  Deliver information, the user can use and apply.

Your post needs to be compelling and encourage others to interact.  All the while, grow your crypto community.  Publishing and re-publishing insightful information for the user is ideal.

Make Your Crypto Campaign to Stand Out!

We all regret posting or twitting with a lack of direction and response.  Nevertheless, going forward is not the social media manager, that directs control over the reader. It’s how those post and twitts develop to lure and entice the reader to desire more and participate.

Make Your Crypto Marketing Campaign Stand Out! by Fernando Barrera