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Make Your Crypto Marketing Campaign Stand Out!

Crypto Marketing Campaign Stand Out

Make Your Crypto Marketing Campaign Stand Out! Easily make your Crypto Marketing Campaign Stand Out! Videos and  infographics expand users duration on your page; however,  adding real value to the user’s experience  is what counts.  Just saying “our crypto currency will disrupt the world and society” is not enough.  Tooting your own horn, is great; while, providing value to the reader. However, value-added content needs to be original or exclusive to your audience, plus that they can not get anywhere else. Added value content includes video, case studies, research studies, white papers,…

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Tips for Getting a Crypto Job

Tips on Getting a Crypto Job

Tips for Getting a Crypto Job   Tips for Getting a Crypto Job: Even though Crypto had a financial setback in January of 2018, crypto and the use of the block chain is still growing. Investment continues to pour into cyrpto and crypto startups.  Tedcrunch reports “2018 VC investment into crypto startups set to surpass 2017 tally, ” read more. Because of the high growth in crypto startups, crypto engineers and non tech people are needed. estimates more than 15% of the crypto jobs are remote, but will rise.   Crypto…

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Top 7 Crypto YouTube Influencers

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Top 7 Crypto YouTube Influencers   Top 7 Crypto YouTube Influencers:  A crypto investor or HODLer needs to stay on top of the latest news in crypto. One of the simplest strategies to stay up to date in the crypto community is to follow the top crypto influencers on YouTube. The following YouTube creators provide awesome videos to entertain, but to really educate us as investors.  Many times these creators, allows us to see within our selves.  There are many fantastic crypto video creators, but we only selected seven.  Many excellent crypto…

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